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There’s no denying that it’s hard to resist the allure of these cute, adorable characters! Although some may think that drawing Kawaii is too difficult for them to do on their own, it’s actually one of the easiest ways to begin learning how to draw.

Kawaii drawing can be used to express kawaii characters. You might think kawaii characters are only for children, but adults love them, too.

Getting into kawaii drawings and kawaii art has many advantages.

  • Kawaii drawings are cute and fun to look which can instantly improve mood. Kawaii is good for your health.
  • Kawaii drawing is easy. If you’ve ever tried to draw a kitty or a pony, kawaii drawing will be as simple as child’s play.
  • Kawaii drawings can be easily customized so that they may fit your personality perfectly.
  • Kawaii art is just plain silly, which may give you some relief from daily stressors!

You might be thinking, “where do I start?” But don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the process of how to make your very own Kawaii drawings – and it’s actually really simple. You’ll learn about simple shapes and produce adorable heads and facial features as well as proportionately sized bodies with our step-by-step lessons. Drawing is fun, easy, and can be surprisingly creative.

Anyone interested in kawaii art should give kawaii drawings a try because it is fun to learn! There are great books that feature step-by-step instructions and add challenges for mastery.

Kawaii Character Features

There is no definite appearance or features for kawaii things. It changes based on the person who views something as kawaii. However, general features and characteristics are associated with cute things, such as faces with big round eyes, small noses, and small bodies with large heads.

There are many inspirations around that can help you make your own kawaii character. These are kawaii versions of non-kawaii figures. They are usually cheerful-looking creatures with large eyes and small noses, making them attractive. Even though kawaii characters all follow very similar features, their visual structure can vary a lot since there are tons of other kawaii characters that aren’t based on real animals but more on abstract concepts like rainbows or stars so on.

There are many kawaii characters with no arms or legs since kawaii highlights facial features and large eyes.

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Alternative Kawaii Drawing Books

Kawaii drawing is a cute representation of anything using pen, markers, and paper. There are many different styles of kawaii drawings, from daily objects to chibi, to anime, and different facial expressions. Since it can be considered ‘cute,’ it has become popular among people. This trend has evolved into many different types of art used for decorations, food, stationery, and more!

To create a kawaii drawing, start by thinking of your favorite kawaii thing as your subject. There is no limit to the possible subjects you can draw, but a few of our favorite ones are daily items such as food, animals, and objects.

Next, sketch the image of your kawaiiness on a piece of paper. Remember to keep everything simple and cute! To make it easier for you to draw certain items, we have listed down alternative recommended books that you may try as a guide. Enjoy!

1. Kawaii Doodle Class: Sketching Super-Cute Tacos, Sushi, Clouds, Flowers, Monsters, Cosmetics, and More


  • Includes search-and-find puzzles
  • It contains different facial expressions and other tips
  • Colorful and beautiful illustrations
  • Other Kawaii Doodle series books are available


  • Not intended for markers as they may bleed through the pages

Kawaii doodles are becoming popular nowadays. Kids and even adults usually just draw their own doodles to express themselves with kawaii drawing. This book features how-to’s and tips which allow you to improve your kawaii style of drawing. The illustrations are lovely, making them ideal for beginners!

Enjoy up to 75 super cute character illustrations in this Kawaii Doodle Class paperback book – which is part of the author’s Kawaii Doodle series. The sketches are organized into five categories: food and drinks, nature, monsters, holidays, and random objects. Follow step-by-step instructions easily, and even children can have a great time practicing their drawing skills and coloring afterward. There are also pages for search-and-find activities at the back for added fun.

Kawaii drawings can be created by anyone, and doodling allows so much flexibility. You don’t need any special tools or expensive equipment to start, but it’s best to have a sketchpad or drawing book ready to keep your drawings organized.

Total Pages: 144 pages

Book Dimensions: ‎ 8.05 x 1.25 x 10 inches

Kawaii Doodle Class
Kawaii Doodle Class:
Sketching Super-Cute Tacos, Sushi, Clouds, Flowers, Monsters, Cosmetics, and More

2. Manga for the Beginner Kawaii: How to Draw the Supercute Characters of Japanese Comics 


  • It contains a lot of tips on how to achieve kawaii art in Manga
  • Colorful and beautiful illustrations
  • Book is also available in spiral-bound


  • Need to prepare a separate paper to practice drawing

Manga is a word that originally means ‘whimsical pictures,’ but it has evolved to represent Japanese comics. Kawaii manga is drawn in a kawaii style. They typically focus on school life and friendships. These kawaii manga characters look super cute! If you can draw kawaii manga art, you could illustrate stories or comic strips or create your own kawaii manga magazine!

This kawaii version of Manga for the Beginner is a wonderful book to start exploring the world of anime and chibis in kawaii style. A chibi refers to a drawing where the character has small limbs and a big head. They already have that kawaii factor, but in terms of drawing, this book guides you on the proper way to illustrate them. They also feature more complex images such as moe characters and a section on making your own backgrounds.

Follow simple shapes and proportions on making cute characters with this fun and the informative book made for manga artists by heart! Perfect for beginners as it also teaches you how to merge your figures with settings.

Total Pages: 192 pages

Book Dimensions: 8.53 x 0.54 x 10 inches

Manga for the Beginner Kawaii
Manga for the Beginner Kawaii:
How to Draw the Supercute Characters of Japanese Comics

3. Chibi Art Class: A Complete Course in Drawing Chibi Cuties and Beasties


  • Colorful and beautiful illustrations
  • Provides practice pages for drawing and coloring
  • It contains a lot of techniques to make kawaii chibis


  • Alcohol markers may bleed through the pages

Chibi characters are one of the most common types of kawaii art, especially with Japanese anime and Manga. They resemble mini kawaii human beings with some exaggerated features to add more to that cuteness. These kawaii creatures are usually small and have huge, expressive eyes.

The Chibi Art Class book focuses on drawing chibi way of kawaii art that is targeted at beginners. It is also kid-friendly and very wholesome. There are 19 character tutorials that feature cute characters plus adorable chibi beasties. It includes spaces to practice your drawing as well as inspirations for backgrounds, clothing, facial expressions, props, and more.

People who draw kawaii chibi are enthusiastic about the art of kawaii. It’s not only about drawing kawaii but also about sharing the joy and cuteness with friends and other people who like kawaii stuff, too. Start your journey with this easy-to-follow guidebook.

Total Pages: 144 pages

Book Dimensions: 8 x 0.65 x 9.9 inches

Chibi Art Class
Chibi Art Class:
A Complete Course in Drawing
Chibi Cuties and Beasties

4. Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff


  • Colorful and beautiful illustrations
  • It contains different techniques and tips
  • Includes a lot of sample images to try


  • Limited step-by-step instructions
  • Need to prepare a separate paper to practice drawing

Kawaii drawing is simple to learn. With a kawaii drawing kit, you can learn step-by-step how to draw kawaii characters. They are much simpler and easier to do than anime drawings. All you need is a pencil, some paper, and a little creativity. You don’t necessarily need major drawing skills or anything. If you want to get quick results without investing too much time, kawaii drawings are perfect for you.

Check out this amazing Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff book that is a great choice for anyone who wants to start kawaii art right away. It features a wide range of illustrations from people, animals, food, and random objects. Some images may have limited instructions, but the drawings are crisp and can be followed the way it is.

Get yourself a sketchpad or a paper to apply the techniques you learn from this book. It doesn’t have practice pages, but you are guaranteed full illustrations with a lot of tips and ideas as you learn kawaii drawing.

Total Pages: 128 pages

Book Dimensions: 7.09 x 0.47 x 9.06 inches

Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff
Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff

5. 365 Days of Kawaii: How to Draw Cute Stuff Every Day of the Year


  • Maximize your kawaii art challenge with 365 drawings
  • Colorful and beautiful illustrations
  • Includes basic tips before you start


  • Need to prepare a separate paper to practice drawing

Getting into kawaii drawing will develop your imagination and creativity to the fullest. You can express your feelings, emotions, or how you feel about certain things through kawaii drawings (especially if it has kitty ears on them).

With this thick 365 Days of Kawaii book, you can challenge yourself for a fun activity year by following easy step-by-step illustrations of different things, people, food, vehicles, space, music, and more. You may draw one picture per day, but if you’re having fun and in the zone, just keep going! There are some basic techniques provided before all the drawings are shown – one kawaii character per page.

Draw kawaii anywhere, anytime! Practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to take time every day to work out your skills. This book is a good guide to start with. Start drawing kawaii doodles at home.

Total Pages: 368 pages

Book Dimensions: 6.9 x 1.5 x 10.8 inches

365 Days of Kawaii
365 Days of Kawaii:
How to Draw Cute Stuff
Every Day of the Year

Kawaii Video Tutorials

Looking for some quick lessons, you can start right now?

Our tutorials are a little different. We’ve laid out step-by-step lessons (with videos) for popular characters done in our kawaii style, as well as our own characters that we’ve created from scratch.

You’ll be able to create your own adorable drawings of anything from animals, food, and even people. It’s easy once you know the basics of drawing kawaii characters!

What better way to learn than to start and try drawing a few characters using our step-by-step art lessons below?

How To Draw Kawaii Animals

Here’s a list of all our current kawaii animal tutorials

How To Draw Kawaii People & Characters

Want to try drawing some kawaii people? Check out our tutorials below.

How To Draw Kawaii Flowers and Plants

Here’s our list of kawaii flower and plant tutorials.

How To Draw Kawaii Food and Drinks

Want to draw some kawaii food and drinks? Check out the list below!

How To Draw Magical Creatures

How about something magical? Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids and more!


Kawaii drawings are drawings that express kawaii culture. They do not need to be perfect; sometimes, they don’t even need to make sense. All they need is to be kawaii!

If you like anything kawaii, drawing kawaii artwork will make you absolutely happy! After all, kawaii means that something is cute and/or adorable; who wouldn’t want their work to look like that? It’s also relatively simple to do so, thus making it an excellent skill for beginners.

What’s best about kawaii is that there are no limits! You can be creative and make any kind of animal or object cute. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

And remember – keep it simple! Cuteness doesn’t need any special lines or effects, just good old-fashioned kawaii drawings!

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Big Kawaii Adventure Coloring Book – Mofukawa

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Our book covers many themes including: Fantasy, Dinosaurs, Space, Pirates, Chibi Boys & Girls, Holidays (Christmas, Easter and more) & more.

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