How To Draw Batman

Today, let’s learn how to draw Batman in our cute, kawaii art style. Batman is a beloved superhero who has helped many innocent Gotham citizens.

I don’t think Batman expected to look cute and cuddly today but we went ahead and did it anyway : )

This is an easy step-by-step tutorial that just about anyone can follow along with and learn from.

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Did You Know?
Batman is a fictional character, and part of the DC Comics Universe.
He was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson in 1939 to be a crime-fighting superhero who fights against corruption and villains


Art Supplies

Here’s a list of coloring supplies we recommend to use, however, feel free to use whatever you can find around the house!

If you are already a fan of a particular marker/coloring brand you may want to check out a few of our other guides such for popular brands such as Ohuhu markers, Artzea and Prismacolor markers.

Otherwise, just pick whatever coloring tools you have around the house (crayons, markers, pencil crayons etc.) and just have some fun!

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • Since Batman has a mask, we need to make sure the eyes are the proper size (not too small) to bring out the cuteness in him.

Let’s Draw Batman – Step By Step

Step 1: Draw a wide U-shape to form Batman’s face.
Step 2: Next is to draw the two pointy ears. Draw the small triangular details on each ear to define the shape.
Step 3: Connect the two ears with a slightly bent line. At the bottom of his face, draw the tip of his mask by following the shape above.
Step 4: Time to draw his eyes, like how it’s done on the picture. Place it just above the border of his mask. Don’t forget to draw his little mouth by putting a small downward curve below the mask.
Step 5: Draw two small shapes on each side of his neck section. This serves as his shoulder pads.
Step 6: From each of his shoulders, connect a short but straight slanted line down to his chest area.
Step 7: Next is to start forming his arms. Draw a slanted line outwards from his shoulder part again. Extend two short lines downwards from his waist section, too
Step 8: Draw his buckles. Make a little rectangle in the middle then a square on each side.
Step 9: Connect those buckles with two lines each. Note that the belt should be thinner than the size of the buckles.
Step 10: Form his legs and feet. Follow the guide above and make sure to leave a very small space between his legs.
Step 11: Draw a V-shape from his hips to the middle part of his legs. Add an inverted V as well on each of his lower leg to mark his boots.
Step 12: Draw his gloves on each side of his hips. Note that pointy tip on his arms.
Step 13: Add one spike on each side of the gloves.
Step 14: Next is to draw his big cape. Start from each shoulder pad and follow the arrows as pictured above to complete his flowy cape.
Step 14: Add the bat logo on his chest which you can shade black already.
Step 15: Coloring time! Batman is primarily using black and gray shades for his suit and yellow shades for the belt and buckles.

You did well!

Want More?

We’ve made a lot of tutorials on how to draw kawaii characters and objects. Great for beginners and more advanced artists. We have printable step by step instruction guides to help you learn to draw all of our tutorials.

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Printable Batman Coloring Page

Here’s where you can download the Batman coloring page & step by step instructions. You can use the coloring page to practice coloring the character and the step by step instructions are great if you are not near a computer or phone and want to try this lesson out!

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Coloring characters such as Batman can be A LOT of fun. Especially when they look so cute : )

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