Best Kawaii Room Décor

Kawaii! What’s not to love?! The word “kawaii” is a Japanese adjective that means “cute,” “lovely,” or “attractive.” In Japan, kawaii things are typically associated with young children and feminine characteristics, but from the 1930s, kawaii has been used as a concept to mean ‘desirable.’ People enjoy kawaii because it makes them feel good. Research … Read more

Best Ohuhu Brush Markers

We’ve known art markers since our childhood days. They usually come with a bullet tip – that firm, rounded, and somewhat pointy felt tip that easily glides on the paper and can handle heavy pressure without breaking easily. As we grow, we’ve also slowly leveled up the kind of art markers we use. Here comes … Read more

Copic vs. Ohuhu – Which One?

Art markers are simply lit! Aside from colored pencils, they are one of the favorite coloring tools by adults. They work well on adult coloring books, crafts, calligraphy, illustrations, and more. If you want bold, rich, and vibrant colors, markers are the key. There are many markers available out there, but there are two brands … Read more

Here’s How To Use Ohuhu Markers

Ohuhu is a brand to love. It’s founded by a team of artists to cater to all types of artists. Inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu, the idea of having anyone paint what they see and envision comes to life by introducing different coloring tools to use. A good range of colors to … Read more

Best Fantasy Coloring Books for Adults In 2021

Adult coloring is one of the easiest ways to destress. It’s very simple and doesn’t require any special skill. As long as you have a coloring tool plus a nice coloring book, you are good to go. Coloring books for adults vary when it comes to themes and complexity. Since the goal is to enjoy … Read more

The Best Drawing Pens In 2021

Drawing is essential. It’s not just for creative people; it allows anyone to express their inner thoughts and feelings about anything that might be going on in life right now. From doodling with a pen and paper to more detailed drawings, we’re able to get our emotions out there into something tangible, something you can … Read more

The Best Paper for Copic Markers In 2021

With great markers comes great papers. Copic is one of the best brands of professional alcohol markers around. Its supreme quality ink with vibrant, rich colors and long-lasting properties is one to beat. These beautiful markers feature refillable ink, and the tips are available in different sizes, which can be replaced if there’s a need. … Read more

The Best Coloring Supplies For Adults In 2021

We know that coloring is not just for kids anymore. It is a fun activity that has engaged people of all ages to appreciate the beauty of art in many forms. Coloring (both books and other forms) come natural to most of us because it’s easy to start and the materials are readily accessible. It’s … Read more

The 12 Best Copic Marker Alternatives

Got Copic? This Japanese brand of professional-quality markers has taken the heart of many artists and design experts worldwide. Since it was introduced in the late 1980s, they have set the standard and have been one of the most sought-after alcohol-based markers for many good reasons. Why Copic? Ink Quality – no wonder why Copics … Read more

13 Best Alcohol-Based Markers In 2021

Welcome to the rainbow world of markers! An art marker is a coloring tool used by people of all ages – children to adults. They are also known as artist markers, brush pens, marker pens, or paint markers. These are pretty and colorful sets of felt-tip pens with broad tips that are easy to use. … Read more