The 6 Best Mandala Coloring Books

Mandala, a Sanskrit word for “circle,” is a complex design from the ancient Hindu tradition. It is a circular pattern representing nature, the sun, and other elements in various forms. Mandala art has become an inspiration for many artists worldwide who use this pattern in their paintings, and mandala coloring books are one of them.

Mandala drawings feature many colorful patterns and interesting shapes to make your mandala coloring book more attractive. These adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular today because people enjoy coloring mandalas in their free time. It is a unique coloring book because it contains original mandala images with lots of depth and detail so that even experienced mandala colorists can have fun with mandala designs. The colors of a mandala coloring book are bold, but they have a gentle quality to them so that you don’t have to worry about how bright your mandalas will look on the page when you’re finished coloring.

Mandala coloring books include many different styles and shapes to give you a variety of things to color. Any mandala coloring book will help you take your mandala coloring to the next level!


Mandala Coloring Tips

Mandala art has been around for centuries, and every mandala image is unique to the artist who creates it. Mandala coloring books are becoming more popular because of their therapeutic benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

A great mandala coloring book will have detailed illustrations with lots of depth so that there are plenty of areas for you to color. Mandala coloring books for adults are illustrated well so that even experienced mandala colorists will have fun with these designs.

1) Pick a Mandala Design

First, pick out a mandala design that appeals to you. Mandala coloring books for both children and adults include various shapes, styles, and themes to keep you interested in the book. Mandala coloring books are great because they allow you to color at your own pace; some mandala designs can take minutes while others may take hours!

2) Get Out Your Supplies

Next, get all your materials ready such as pencils, markers or crayons, and extra paper. You will need to find a quiet space that is free from distractions. Turn off your phone and close the door if you want to reduce any outside noise. Lastly, you may also set a timer, or you can enjoy your mandala without being concerned about how long it takes.

3) Focus on Your Mandala

If you have trouble focusing, playing relaxing music in the background can help keep your mind clear and focused only on coloring your mandala. The entire mandala may be colored in, or it can be shaded with different tones. For example, try coloring the mandala in one color and then shading in another for a more colorful, unique design.

4) Color Your Mandala

Choose a primary mandala color that will be seen throughout most of the design lines, then add extra colors where there is less focus. This helps provide an additional feeling of calmness and serenity during mandala coloring time.

Applying mandala color combinations to your entire finished mandala page or project can be very rewarding, but some prefer using other mandala coloring techniques. Mandala images created with coloring pencils or markers sometimes provide the feel of a cohesive mandala image color without having to coordinate all of your mandala colors together at once. However, some individuals still prefer to complete part of their mandala project with one set of mandala colored pencils or markers and then move on to another brand or type.

5) Enjoy Your Mandala

When you are finished coloring your mandala, you can display it on the wall or take it with you so that you have something to focus on when anxiety strikes. If you feel adventurous, there are even mandala art shows where artists come together to share their creations.

The mandala is an ancient symbol representing wholeness and harmony between all things. When filling in or shading parts of your mandala, remember this meaning and use mindfulness skills to stay focused on coloring only that mandala design.

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Mandala Coloring Benefits

When stressed out by work, school, or even a long day, coloring mandalas is an excellent way to relax and relieve tension. Mandala designs include shapes and patterns of many different colors that can help people focus on one thing at a time as they color the same pattern with the same color repeatedly. The repetitive nature of mandala coloring helps you focus more on your breathing and slows down your heart rate. It’s also just fun! There’s something about creating beautiful art that makes it relaxing and enjoyable.

Can Coloring Mandalas Reduce Anxiety?

Coloring is an excellent choice not only for quick stress relief but also because it helps improve hand-eye coordination and memory skills, which can greatly benefit children and adults alike. Mandala design pictures can be especially helpful because they provide an image that will follow you throughout your entire journey of coloring, creating a vivid picture in your mind of what you’re striving to create through your work.

Mandala coloring books may improve your mental health and well-being. Mandalas are an ancient spiritual symbol of the inner self, great for relaxation and reflection. They can be filled with bold colors or shaded in different tones to encourage mindfulness and meditation.

Coloring mandalas has been shown to be relaxing and soothing because the intricate nature of mandalas requires focus and attention to detail. Mandala coloring books can help you learn how to do an incredible number of things when using your hands, eyes, mind, and creativity together to create something beautiful!

Top 6 Mandala Coloring Books

Mandala patterns mean no beginning or end, and this is another reason why mandalas have evolved to be included in coloring books. They are so popular among kids and adults because they can complete an activity without worrying about finishing it up.

Mandala coloring books break away from traditional mandala image designs so that you can color in mandalas with bright colors and detailed images. These mandala coloring pages are great for adults who want to relax while they color or kids looking for new ways to express their creativity. The line drawings of mandalas are simple enough for beginners, but it also includes detail areas, which makes each mandala coloring book a great book for everyone.

Buy a mandala coloring book today and start creating your own mandala masterpieces!

1. Coloring Book For Adults: 100 Mandalas


  • A wide variety of mandala designs are available
  • Varying complexity for coloring challenges
  • Illustrations are printed on one side of the paper


  • Pages are not perforated

This mandala coloring book is perfect for anyone who loves to color. It has 100 different mandala drawings ready for you to start coloring, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a stress-free coloring experience or simply expressing themselves creatively without investing too much time or energy into it.

The illustrations are printed on one side of the paper, making it ideal if you use markers when coloring. There is no need to worry about ink bleeding through the next page, but be sure to use another extra-thick paper for protection.

This 100 Mandalas Adult Coloring Book can be a wonderful gift for that creative person in your life. Enjoy the wide variety of designs from various themes, all designed to create a meditative setting perfect for meditation or just relaxing at the end of a long day.

Coloring Book For Adults 100 Mandalas
Coloring Book For Adults:
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2. Mandalas II Adult Coloring Book by ColorIt


  • Hard-cover and spring bound book
  • Intricate mandala details
  • Perforated pages for easier detaching
  • Blotter page included


  • Tiny details may be difficult for some users to color

ColorIt produces high-quality adult coloring books, and this Mandalas Volume II is not an exception. From the hardbound covers to the top spiral-bound design, there are 50 elaborate and beautiful mandalas printed in a thick, bright white paper that you can enjoy coloring even when on your lap.

This mandala coloring book may appeal to beginners, adults, and professionals. The drawings are amazing, and the designs will help you relax, focus and be creative. It also comes with a blotter page that is very useful if you use colored markers.

Your finished piece can be removed from its binding because it features perforated sheets so you can easily display or share your coloring pages with friends and family. It’s also great for travel and makes a perfect gift for those who love to color.

Mandalas II Adult Coloring Book by ColorIt
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3. Flower Mandalas Coloring Book


  • Fresh and unique floral mandala designs
  • Includes a guide to basic art techniques in coloring
  • Perforated pages for easier detaching
  • Designs are printed on one side of the page only


  • Alcohol markers may bleed through the pages

Mandala art is a craft that uses simple shapes and colors to give life and form to symmetrical and circular designs. A basic mandala coloring book becomes even more rewarding for the person doing the coloring by being specific in themes such as using flowers!

Flower Mandalas Coloring Book is a great way of relaxing, decompressing from the stresses of everyday life, and losing yourself in your creative self-expression in the world of coloring. With 30 flower mandalas to work on, there is no wrong way to practice and show your artistic side in shading and coloring.

This book is also made with beginners in mind as it includes basic coloring techniques that you can practice and includes beautifully colored finished examples. Each coloring page is perforated, too. Use your favorite coloring tool or mix and match for the best flower mandala that you can create.

Flower Mandalas Coloring Book
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4. Midnight Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book On A Black Background


  • Nice color contrast results with the black background
  • Illustrations are printed on one side of the paper
  • Neat mandala designs ideal for any skill level


  • Pages are not perforated, so it may be a little bit challenging to detach pages

Coloring books with simple designs allows the drawings to pop out even more, when the pages are not using common white paper. Black backgrounds for a mandala coloring book will give your imagination challenges and new ideas on mandala art.

With around 50 stress-relieving patterns printed in nice black sheets, this coloring book version gives your eyes a unique experience appreciating your finished work. De-stress instantly as you color. All pictures are printed only on one side, and the back pages are also in black, which adds protection from bleeding through. Sheets are not perforated, so be careful if you need to detach them.

The appeal of black background extends beyond just children and adults. Black background works better than a white page when using neon colors, gel pens, or markers. So, if you’re looking for a good black background mandala coloring book, this Midnight Mandalas Adult Coloring Book is for you!

Midnight Mandalas An Adult Coloring Book On A Black Background
Midnight Mandalas:
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5. Amazing Patterns: Mandala Style Coloring Book


  • Vibrantly detailed illustration of patterns
  • Borderless type of designs to color
  • Single-sided printing only


  • Ink may bleed through the paper
  • Book does not feature perforated pages

Amazing Patterns: Mandala Style Coloring Book is a beautiful adult coloring book that consists of 50 original mandalas to color in! While it sounds simple, these very detailed designs can take hours to complete. With this coloring book, all the patterns are eye-catching and intricate.

Choose from having a paperback or a spiral-bound type of coloring book. You can also expect a variety of beautiful patterns around each mandala design that can challenge your coloring skills. The images are printed on the front part of the page only but make sure to use an extra-thick sheet underneath your work to ensure that your inks do not ruin the next image when coloring.

Grab your coloring pencils, markers, or gel pens and see what you can come up with. Relax while challenging your creativity at the same time. This is ideal for gifting, too. If you love complicated but beautiful patterns, this book is for you.

Amazing Patterns Mandala Style Coloring Book
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6. Relax & Color Inverted Mandala


  • Provides an interesting yet unique way of coloring mandalas
  • The black background gives a vibrant result
  • Good quality paper and markers do not bleed through
  • Great for glitter gel pens and alcohol markers


  • Book pages are not perforated

Relax & Color Inverted Mandala Coloring Book was designed for you to easily color various mandalas patterns with the minimum of difficulty, making mandala design easy and fun and making mandala coloring stress-free! If you are not a fan of big spaces to color or if you want to try a different approach in coloring mandalas, then this can be a good option for you.

With 40 unique images available, all you have to do is color the white lines of each mandala. This is perfect for neon colors, gel pens, glitter pens, or even alcohol markers. You don’t need to worry much about coloring beyond the lines because the illustrations are printed with a black background. Any excess ink may not appear that obvious, making your artwork pop and more vibrant.

The book also used premium paper which means no issues in inks bleeding through. It’s a small, square-shaped book that is easy to carry around. The book is of great quality that can be given to any coloring enthusiast.

Relax & Color Inverted Mandala
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Are You Ready?

Mandala coloring is a common activity among adults these days. Mandala is a design and art of spiritual beliefs. Still, the use of mandalas as a method to help instill peace and calmness in today’s world has helped make it one of the most popular forms of adult coloring books available today.

No matter what age you are, mandalas can provide an excellent way for you to relax and enjoy yourself while also getting a chance to communicate your innermost thoughts and feelings through color. If you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of mandala coloring books, be sure to check out the recommended books listed above.

Whether you need a little “me time” after a long day or want a fun activity for your next family gathering, mandalas are an excellent choice. Once you start doing it once, you’ll love the results!

Happy coloring!

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