How To Draw A Kawaii Frog

Ready to jump into the world of kawaii drawing? This is one of our easier drawings (less than 10 steps!)

Who doesn’t love cute, little frogs? In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to draw a kawaii frog! Even if you don’t like slimy frogs, you’ll love your little creation once you are done with it.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we’ll guide you through the entire process, step by step, and make sure that even someone new to drawing will be able to follow along easily.

All you need to do is set aside 10-15 minutes of time and grab a pen and paper and get started!

Did You Know?
Frogs were the first land animals with vocal cords.
There are over 4700 different frog species! 
Many frogs can jump 20 times their own height


Art Supplies

  • Pencil, Marker, Sharpie, Pen (Anything works!)
  • Paper
  • Colored Markers (if you want to color the drawing).
  • Your imagination (feel free to change colors or add things to the drawing!).

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • In step one, just pretend you are drawing the top of a bear with ears. It looks almost the same!

Let’s Draw A Kawaii Frog – Step By Step

Step 1: Let’s start drawing our kawaii frog with an outline for the eyes and head. Draw two curves apart and connect them together with a simple stroke.
Step 2: Draw each side of the face downwards to form a slightly V-shape. Make sure to leave a space at the bottom.
Step 3: Add two little lines above the curved sections of the head. These lines will make the frog’s eyelashes.
Step 4: On the bottom section, draw two little feet with a space in between. It may appear like an inverted heart to show a webbed feet. See image as guide.
Step 5: Draw a line in between the feet to connect them.
Step 6: Draw the big round eyes next. With a margin from the curved portions in the head, draw a circle with two smaller circles inside. Shade the outer portion all black, leaving the two circles blank.
Step 7: Add a little smiley curve in the middle space between the eyes.
Step 8: Next are the frog’s hind legs. Draw a wide curve on each side of the body with the stroke ending on the feet portion.
Step 9: Follow the arrows to make the larger webbed feet.
Step 10: Draw inner strokes on each leg for details.
Step 11: Add the round blush on each cheek (just a little below the eyes) for that kawaii look!
Step 12: Coloring time! You can see here that we have a green kawaii frog with a light shade on the belly. You can follow this for inspiration. Have fun!

Want More?

We have tutorials on how to draw kawaii characters and objects. This is a great way for beginners to learn.

We also have printable instructions that will help you learn and improve your drawings.

If you want to try something different, why not color?

We have printable kawaii coloring pages that you can use to practice different colors or just for fun.

Head over to our coloring page section of our website and download all the pages you want!

Printable Kawaii Frog Coloring Page

Here’s where you can download the kawaii frog coloring page & step by step instructions. You can use the coloring page to practice coloring the character and the step by step instructions are great if you are not near a computer or phone and want to try this lesson out!

Click the print icon to open print options for these pages. You can also click the image and save it directly to your device.

Download Printable Kawaii Frog Coloring Page


Download Printable Instructions: How To Draw A Kawaii Frog

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