How To Draw A Cute Dog

One of our favorite dogs is a Shiba Inu. We focus a lot on kawaii and cute drawings here and are greatly inspired by Japanese art styles (which is where Kawaii originates from). So, we figured it would be perfect to do one of our first dog tutorials on a Japanese dog breed.

Just like our other lessons, drawing a shiba inu dog is not that difficult and we’ll guide you step by step through the entire process.

Even though, we are drawing a Shiba Inu here – the art style we use is partially relying on the colors to tell you what type of dog breed this is.

So, get creative and change the colors to experiment and see what types of dogs you can come up with here.

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Art Supplies

Here’s a list of supplies we recommend to use, however, feel free to use whatever you can find around the house!

  • Pencil, Marker, Sharpie, Pen (Anything you can draw with!)
  • Paper (We love marker paper but use anything you can find).
  • Colored Markers (if you want to color the drawing).
  • Your imagination (feel free to change colors or add things to the drawing!).

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • The starting head shape is probably the most difficult part of this lesson. Most of the head is round except for a little curve in the front left. Try and imagine a duck beak (mouth) if that can help.
  • Change the colors to other dog breeds with similar body types. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with!

Let’s Draw A Cute Dog  – Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the head. Leave a space between both sides at the top, as well as on the bottom.
Step 2: Next, work on the 2 ears. Simple soft curves (no pointy edges). Make sure the right ear goes past the empty space and not before it.
Step 3: Add some more detail to the ears. 2 simple curved lines.
Step 4: Next, work on the 2 hands.
Step 5: For the feet, start on the inside and go up and around.
Step 6: Next, we’ll work on the back portion of the body. Simple follow the arrows down and around to touch the bottom of the foot.
Step 7: Now connect the 2 feet with this slightly curved line.
Step 8: Next, draw the tiny tail on the back.
Step 9: For the eyes, leave a small white circle inside each one. Try and have the white circle in the upper right of each eye. You can fill the rest of the eye in with black color.
Step 10: Adding more detail to the head/face. The eyebrows are soft tipped, so try to avoid pointy edges.

Finish off the mouth and nose. Try to line them up in the middle between both eyes.
Step 11: Add the blush next. Draw the blush with the color you want to fill it in with.
Step 12: Color it all in. We chose these colors because it matches the Shiba Inu look. You can try others and see what you can come up with. Great work!

Want More?

We have printable coloring pages and printable step by step instruction guides to help you learn to draw. Head on over to our coloring page section of our website to search and download them all!

Just want to download a coloring page of this specific character? Click the print button below to print off this lesson’s coloring & tracing pages.

Printable Shiba Cute Dog Coloring Page

Here’s where you can download the Shiba Cute Dog coloring page & step by step instructions. You can use the coloring page to practice coloring the character and the step by step instructions are great if you are not near a computer or phone and want to try this lesson out!

Click the print icon to open print options for these pages. You can also click the image and save it directly to your device.

Download Printable Shiba Cute Dog Coloring Page

Cute Dog Coloring Page

Download Printable Instructions: How To Draw A Cute Dog

How To Draw A Cute Dog Step by Step

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