How To Draw Kawaii Potato

Kawaii Potato is not just a potato. It’s the most adorable and fabulous thing you will ever meet. That’s not just our opinion either. Everyone loves them!

First of all, what is Kawaii Potato??

Kawaii is Japanese for cute. So basically it’s a cute potato that looks adorable. We’re not quite sure why this character is becoming so popular all of a sudden but it’s fabulous, so who cares?

Today, let’s try to draw this ultra cute, kawaii potato. It’s actually incredibly easy. So easy, that we added a fancy bow to it to make it look extra fabulous. If you don’t want to learn how to draw the bow, you can skip a lot of the steps below.

Art Supplies

Here’s a list of supplies we recommend to use, however, feel free to use whatever you can find around the house!

  • Pencil, Marker, Sharpie, Pen (Anything you can draw with!)
  • Paper (We love marker paper but use anything you can find).
  • Colored Markers (if you want to color the drawing).
  • Your imagination (feel free to change colors or add things to the drawing!).

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • There aren’t any real tricky parts to this character. Pay attention to the body and give it that little curved out portion on the bottom right. That’ll help give it a potato look.

Let’s Draw Kawaii Potato  – Step By Step

How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 1
Step 1: Start with the left side of the body. A nice big half oval shape.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 2
Step 2: For the rest of the body, follow the arrow down and curve out a bit and around.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 3
Step 3: If you want a fancy bow-tie, start with the circle in the middle of the body. If you don’t want a bow, skip to step 7.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 4
Step 4: Next, draw 2 smaller half circles
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 5
Step 5: Finish off the bow with 2 larger ribbons starting from the inside circle, around and back to the inside circle again.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 6
Step 6: Draw 2 lines on the sides connecting the potato body and the bow. This will complete the bow-tie.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 7
Step 7: Next, draw 2 eyes. Leave 2 small white circles in the inside. The eyes are usually pointing up.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 8
Step 8: The mouth for Kawaii Potato, is actually between his eyes. It doesn’t have a nose. Draw a small line between the eyes like a smile.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 9
Step 9: Finish the mouth off with 2 lines on each side. You want to curve these lines outwards from the mouth like this: )—-(
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 10
Step 10: Draw 2 lines for eyebrows. Kawaii Potato is always happy so the eyebrows should go on slants upwards.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 11
Step 11: Finish off with 2 circles for the blush. These can be drawn and colored with the same marker so choose your blush color and draw it here.
How To Draw Kawaii Potato Step 12
Step 12: Color Kawaii Potato. Add shading if you like (we did). Great job!

Want More?

We have printable coloring pages and printable step by step instruction guides to help you learn to draw. Head on over to our coloring page section of our website to search and download them all!

Just want to download a coloring page of this specific character? Click the print button below to print off this lesson’s coloring & tracing pages.

Printable Kawaii Potato Coloring Page

Here’s where you can download the Kawaii Potato coloring page & step by step instructions. You can use the coloring page to practice coloring the character and the step by step instructions are great if you are not near a computer or phone and want to try this lesson out!

Click the print icon to open print options for these pages. You can also click the image and save it directly to your device.

Download Printable Kawaii Potato Coloring Page

Kawaii Potato Coloring Page

Download Printable Instructions: How To Draw Kawaii Potato

Kawaii Potato Step by Step Instructions

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