How To Draw Naruto

Let’s learn how to draw Naruto in a chibi, kawaii form. Naruto is from the popular japanese anime series.

The show is so popular that there are over 720 episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Plus now, they have a new series called “Boruto” which features his son.

We previously did a tutorial on how to draw Kakashi who is also from the Naruto series. If you had any luck with that drawing, you should be okay here as well. They are very similar in difficulty.

If you are trying these out for the first time, the hair and body shape tend to be the hardest to do. Watch our video above as we go through each step exactly how we lay them out below.

Did You Know?
Naruto has over 720 episodes, not including the new Boruto series.
Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki were Naruto's parents.
Naruto was born on the 10th of October


Art Supplies

Here’s a list of coloring supplies we recommend to use, however, feel free to use whatever you can find around the house!

If you are already a fan of a particular marker/coloring brand you may want to check out a few of our other guides such for popular brands such as Ohuhu markers, Artzea and Prismacolor markers.

Otherwise, just pick whatever coloring tools you have around the house (crayons, markers, pencil crayons etc.) and just have some fun!

A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • The hair and body shape are tricky. Take your time and don’t worry if the hair spikes are not perfect.

Let’s Draw A Kawaii Naruto – Step By Step

Step 1: Let’s start drawing Naruto’s face. Draw the outline of his face by making a small curve for his ear followed by a wide-U for his jaw. Don’t forget that tiny stroke in the ear for detail.
Step 2: Draw his headband next. Allot a little space above the face outline when you make it. Note the broken lines on the top part of the headband.
Step 3: Insert hair spikes on the two broken lines. Make a V-stroke in each space.
Step 4: Draw pointy strokes on the side of his face as part of his hair. Fill the gap on the little space.
Step 5: Time to form the hair. Allot a space from the headband to make an inverted V stroke on top.
Step 6: Next is to draw random wavy strokes with pointy tips. Let’s do the left part first. Use the arrows as your guide.
Step 7: Complete the right part of his hair outline by doing random zigzag strokes up to the headband.
Step 8: Draw the metal plate on his headband by making a rectangular shape (rounded edges) with three dots on each side.

Add the logo in the middle of the plate. It’s like a swirl with a triangle tail.
Step 9: Draw his eyes next which has sharp edges. Draw a circle inside with its pupil. See sample above as guide.
Step 10: Make a slanted line for his eyebrow and a wide stroke for his mouth.
Step 11: Next is to draw the three lines on each side of his cheek.
Step 12: Draw a short vertical line on each side of his chin and connect the tips with V-stroke.
Step 13: Fill this neck collar with vertical lines.
Step 14: From the right edge of his neck collar, draw a downward stroke to start forming his body.
Step 15: Draw the left portion of his shoulder and arms next. Make a downward stroke for his shoulders (same length as the other arm) then make an inner stroke to shape up his arm.
Step 16: Connect the two arms with a line to make the waist.
Step 17: Draw two parallel lines from his neck down to the waist. No need to make this straight, add a slight dent in the mid part.
Step 18: On the right part of his body, add a stroke to form his arm.
Step 19: At the bottom of each sleeve, draw a short line.
Step 20: Add details on his clothes. Draw a horizontal line on his chest and more vertical lines, as shown by the arrows.
Step 21: Draw the left hand. Fingers need not be defined except for the thumb.
Step 22: Draw the right hand next by making two curves, one smaller than the other.
Step 23: Draw another parallel line under his waist section.
Step 24: Draw the outline for his pants next. Start with the right leg. Draw a vertical line from the hips down. Follow the arrow to shape it up.
Step 25: Draw a slanted line on the middle part of his pants. See sample above.
Step 26: Complete the other leg by drawing an L-shape stroke.
Step 27: For the pouch on his leg, place it on the left side with a two slanted parallel lines and a solid thick block on the side.
Step 28: Draw details on the bottom of his pants. Add one wavy stroke on each.
Step 29: Start drawing his lower leg. Make two pairs of short lines at the bottom of his pants.
Step 30: Draw a thin rectangular shape on each leg.
Step 31: Next is to draw his feet. Follow the reference image above.
Step 32: Add a layer below each foot for the soles.
Step 33: Add a curve stroke on the tip portion to mark the edge of his footwear.
Step 34: Follow the arrows to add details on his sandals.
Step 35: Draw small strokes in front for his toes and a little curve mark at the back of his sandals.
Step 36: Coloring time! Our kawaii Naruto features a golden yellow hair with his orange and black suit combination. Have fun as you shade your drawing, too! Cheers!

Want More?

We’ve made a lot of tutorials on how to draw kawaii characters and objects. Great for beginners and more advanced artists. We have printable step by step instruction guides to help you learn to draw all of our tutorials.

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Printable Kawaii Naruto Coloring Page

Here’s where you can download the Kawaii Naruto coloring page & step by step instructions. You can use the coloring page to practice coloring the character and the step by step instructions are great if you are not near a computer or phone and want to try this lesson out!

Click the print icon to open print options for these pages. You can also click the image and save it directly to your device.

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