How To Draw Baby Yoda

Let’s learn how to draw Baby Yoda from the Star Wars “Mandalorian” series.

Baby Yoda became a HUGE hit after the show came out. His other name is “Grogu” but most people know him as Baby Yoda. He’s considered a boy but looks more like a lumpy green potato to some people. Others find him absolutely adorable.

Baby Yoda has large eyes which matches our kawaii art style and makes it super easy for us to create a drawing tutorial without changing the character too much.

Did You Know?
Baby Yoda is actually 50 years old.
His real name is "Grogu"


A Few Tips Before You Start Drawing

  • Keep the eyes large enough to bring out his cuteness.
  • Take your time with the head and ears. They are the most important part to get his “look”.

Let’s Draw Baby Yoda – Step By Step

Step 1: Start drawing Baby Yoda’s head by following the arrows above – a wide downward curve connected to a a little stroke that will make his cheeks and chin portion.
Step 2: On the left side, draw the top portion of the left ear. Make a long downward stroke outwards. Complete the shape by connecting another stroke at the bottom of it. Extend a little bit to form his face.
Step 3: Complete his ear by drawing the lower portion. It’s a bit wide underneath. Leave a space near the face (as shown above).
Step 4: Start drawing the top portion of the other ear. Same as the left ear, it should also be pointed downwards.
Step 5: Complete the bottom part of the ear by drawing a curve stroke from the tip until the cheeks.
Step 6: Next is the eyes! Draw two egg shapes where the sharper part of both eyes meet in the middle. See how they appear like alien eyes. Make sure to add one small circle on each (which remains white) and shade the entire eyes black.
Step 7: Add some details on his face by putting short curve strokes on his forehead, above the eyes (following the contour of his eyes), and a little nose.
Step 8: Next is to draw Baby Yoda’s cuddly toy! See image above as guide to form the head and face of his toy located just beneath his left eye.
Step 9: Add a sharp C-curve from the toy’s head extending to the cheeks section.
Step 10: Follow the arrows to make Baby Yoda’s arm cuddling his toy.
Step 11: Draw three little curves to represent his fingers holding the toy. This should close any gap or space on the toy’s face. Don’t forget to draw two little legs below the arm.
Step 12: From the toy, add a rectangular shape with rounded curves on the neck part.
Step 13: Beside it, draw a set of lines to form another rectangular shape to extend the style of his garment on the neck section.
Step 14: From the tip of his neck, draw a downward diagonal slant. Follow the arrow above to start making his clothes.
Step 15: On the left side of his body, draw a wider curve starting from the arms down to the floor, as shown above, to almost complete the shape of this clothes (leaving a small space from the other edge).
Step 16: Draw a triangle-like stroke with curved tip on the right portion of his clothes, placing the space you had in the middle of it. This is for his feet.
Step 17: Add another curve stroke on the right part for his arm.
Step 18: Make three little fingers on its tip.
Step 19: For the cuteness factor, add a small circle on each side of Baby Yoda’s cheeks as well as on his cuddly toy.
how to draw baby yoda - step 12
Step 20: Now the best part – coloring time! Baby Yoda is green and his clothes are brown. Add dark or light shades for that glow!

Good job for completing this Star Wars cutie!

Printable Baby Yoda Coloring Page

You can download the Baby Yoda coloring page and step by step instructions here. The coloring page is a great way to practice coloring the character, and the step by step instructions are helpful if you don’t have access to a computer or phone.

Click the print icon to open print options for these pages. You can also click the image and save it directly to your device.

Download Printable Baby Yoda Coloring Page


Download Printable Instructions: How To Draw Baby Yoda

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