How To Draw A Turtle

Today, let’s learn how to draw a turtle in our cute and kawaii art style. A turtle is just an oval shape with some circles and lines, so it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Turtles are incredible creatures that, in addition to their natural cuteness, have the ability to live up to 100 years! … Read more

How To Draw A Cute Shark

The ocean is a really fun place and there are so many cool animals in it – like sharks! So today, let’s learn how to draw a cute shark in our kawaii art style. The popular “Baby Shark” character is also done in a cute style so it might look a little similar to what … Read more

How To Draw A Cute Octopus

Learning how to draw a cute octopus is super easy when using a kawaii art style. This is a great beginner tutorial or for anyone who just wants to make a cute octopus : ) Our version is based on our kawaii style which might look similar to those in Japanese cartoons (anime). We focus … Read more